Lindi Shuffle
Choreographer: Jane Smee
Suggested Music: Bellamy Brothers: I Need More Of You
Type: 2 Walls, 16 Counts
Level: Beginner
Right Chasse, Back Rock, Left Chasse, Back Rock.
1 & 2 Step right to right side, close left beside right, Step right to right side.
3 - 4 Rock back on left, recover forward onto right.
5 & 6 Step left to left side, close right beside left, step left to left side.
7 - 8 Rock back on right, recover forward onto left.
Shuffles Forward, Forward Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Stomps x2.
1 & 2 Step right forward, close left behind right, step right forward.
3 & 4 Step left forward, close right behind left, step left forward.
5 - 6 Step right forward, pivot 1/2 turn left (weight ends on left).
7 - 8 Stomp right in place, stomp left in place.